21st Century Programs

The 21st Century Community Center grant was awarded in August of 2021.  With this grant, we propose to help students in their academic and social pursuits, as well as improve behavior and character skills, through quality after-school programming.  Many of the classes are designed to reinforce their math and English skills in indirect ways, such as using math in the cooking classes, reinforcing following directions by crafting, and encouraging reading every day.  

Our program will run Monday through Thursday each week beginning in September and ending in
May, with three different sessions of approximately 10 weeks each. Each session will feature new
classes, repeat classes that are extremely popular so more students can join in and classes directed
by our community partners, the YMCA, and the Bower Center for the Arts. All students are
Welcome to join the program during any session.  Teachers and parents/guardians may request a
child join the program at any time.


If you have any questions about the program, please email Mrs. Sharon Slingerland.  [email protected]