21st Century Rules

We hope these rules clarify any questions parent/guardians/students may have.  

1. Students are expected to attend all classes they are registered for.  If they miss more than 4 days in one particular class, or a total of 8 days from multiple classes without communicating to Mrs. Slingerland why they were out, they will be dropped from the program for the remainder of the session.  

2. Students should notify Mrs. Slingerland if they are not attending that day or why they were out the previous class day so the absence is not added as a non-communicated reason.  A simple ”I’m not staying because I don’t feel well” or “I have too much homework today” is ok.  

3. Students may switch classes once during each session if they find the one they signed up for is not what they expected/like.

4. If a student decides not to attend the program anymore, please let me know so I can open up that spot for someone else who may be on a waiting list.

5. If a student is supposed to ride the bus to a drop spot but his/her parent will be picking him/her up instead one day (or permanently switching) Mrs. Slingerland must be informed.  This way we know it is ok with his/her parent/guardian and that we don’t spend time looking for him/her when he/she is not on the bus. 

6. Students may not join the activity classes after the 4th week of operation in any session.  Students may join the program at any time for homework help or the morning session.

7. If a student cannot behave in his/her class they will be given one verbal warning from Mrs. Slingerland and then if he/she still can’t behave, a phone call to his/her parent/guardian will be made and the student will be asked to leave the program for the remainder of the session.


We are hoping to offer a day-long special field trip for students near the end of the afterschool program next spring, seating will be limited.  To be eligible to attend, students need to (1.) follow the grant rules, (2) attend at least 10 days in one of the three program sessions (Fall, Winter, Spring) and (3) not have more than 2 verbal warnings for behavior issues or have been removed from the program at any time for any reason.