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Inspiring excellence and success for every student, every day.


LMS is committed to inspiring excellence and fostering productive citizens by promoting respect, responsibility, work ethic, and perseverance.

red bricked school as seen from parking lot on a cloudy day


Liberty Middle School is located on a hilltop behind Liberty High School. The original building was built in 1928 to serve as Bedford High School. In 1964, with the completion of Liberty High School, the building was converted to Bedford Elementary School. Following extensive renovations in the summer of 1989, it was once again converted. This time it became Liberty Middle School for students in grades seven and eight.

Our organization's structure centers on the core subjects areas. Teachers of the same core areas plan together to organize and align the curriculum to best meet the Virginia Standards of Learning. The school is essentially three schools in one, with seventh and eighth grade classrooms on the second floor while the sixth grade is assigned to the first floor. This arrangement allows for the most part, a separation of student populations in the halls. Classrooms are also located in the gymnasium. These classes include the foreign language departments, health/p.e. classrooms, band, and art.

The official school day begins at 8:55 when student report to their Homebase classroom. Academic extension classes will be implemented to reinforce the Standards of Learning. Core classes include: math, science, social studies/history, and language arts. The related arts classes include band, art, study skills, introduction to foreign cultures, and health/PE. Spanish and French are also included as class offerings.

Liberty Middle School serves students from Bedford, Montvale, and Big Island Elementary schools.