Staff Directory


Dr. Scott Graham, Principal - email
Deputy Daniel Jansen, School Resource Officer
Brian MacDougall, Athletics & Activity Director - email
Kelly O'Neill, Assistant Principal (Grades 6 and 7) - email
Sarah Yost, Assistant Principal (Grades 6 and 8) - email

Administrative Services

Lindsey Davenport, Bookkeeper - email
Courtney Garner, Secretary - email
Trinae Jones, Secretary - email

Counseling & Student Services

Monica Aguilar, State Testing Coordinator - email
Tara Dillon, School Counselor (A-Ke) - email
Jessica Ewing, School Social Worker - email
Rachel Manley, TAG Coordinator - email

Emily Milas, School Psychologist - email
Emily Stevens, School Counselor (Kh-Z) - email
Roda Werking, School Nurse - email

Opportunity & Reflection Space (OARS)

Sydnee Ayers, Intervention Design Specialist - email
Kevin Parker, Intervention Design Specialist - email

Library & Technology Services

Keri Holt, IT Technician - email
Skyler Ireland, Library Media Specialist - email
Morgan Johns, Instructional Technology Coach - email

Custodial Services

Thomas Hall, Head Custodian

Nutritional Services

Cathy Logwood, Assistant Cafeteria Manager
Julie Wagner, Cafeteria Manager


*Department Chair

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Clarence Booth, Tech Ed - email
Cymber Croft, Agriculture/FFA - email


Rickylynn Buschman, 6th Grade - email
Teresa Gilliam, 6th Grade - email
Caleb Gurule, 8th Grade - email
Marc McCann, 8th Grade - email
Brooke Smoke, 7th Grade - email
Nicole Strubhar*, 7th Grade - email

Fine Arts

Shayna Crews, Drama & Dance (Based at LHS)
Katie MacDougall, Chorus & Music Appreciation - email
Catherine Terrell, Art - email
Steve Williams, Band - email

Health & Physical Education

Sherry Catron - email
Ethan Lucas - email
Jen Putney - email


Aaron Allen, 6th Grade - email
Kasey Carr, 7th Grade - email
Karen Cico, Honors Geometry (Based at LHS)
Emily Howard*, 8th Grade - email
Rachel Manley, 8th Grade - email
Henna St. Clair, 6th Grade - email
Katharine Turner, 7th Grade - email


Rickylynn Buschmann, 6th Grade - email
Sue Conway*, 7th Grade - email
Walter King 6th Grade - email
Patricia McDouall, 6th Grade - email
Amy Phillips, 8th Grade - email
Melanie Smith, 7th Grade - email
Henna St. Clair, 6th Grade - email

Social Studies

Leo Dutil, 8th Grade - email
Brooke Fife, 7th Grade - email
Dalton Howard, 7th Grade - email
Walter King*, 6th Grade - email
Hannah Nicely, 6th Grade - email
Dustin Wade, 8th Grade - email

Special Education

Jordan Arrington - email
Samantha Flynn - email
Levi Key - email
Toni Key - email
Dana Koenig - email
Brian MacDougall - email
Kennedy Moulton - email

World Languages

Karin Rooney, Spanish (Based at LHS)
Mary Youseff, French (Based at LHS)


Jennifer Ballard
Jeanna Carr
Teresa Harris
Wendy Jones
Melissa McGrath
Dale Mullin
Barbara Owsley
Chris Quigg