Aaron Allen 6th Grade Math [email protected]
Jordan Arrington SPED [email protected]
Clarence Booth Tech Ed [email protected]
Rickylyn Buschmann 6th Grade English and Science [email protected]
Kasey Carr 7th Grade Math [email protected]
Sherry Catron PE/Athletic Director [email protected]
Sue Conway 7th Grade Science [email protected]
Cymber Croft Agriculture [email protected]
Leo Dutil 8th Grade History [email protected]
Brooke Fife 7th Grade History [email protected]
Samantha Flynn SPED [email protected]
Teresa Gilliam 7th Grade English [email protected]
Caleb Gurule 8th Grade English [email protected]
Dalton Howard 7th Grade History [email protected]
Emily Howard 8th Grade Math [email protected]
Skyler Ireland Library Media Specialist [email protected]
Levi Key SPED [email protected]
Toni Key SPED [email protected]
Walter King 6th Grade History and Science [email protected]
Dana Koenig SPED [email protected]
Ethan Lucas PE [email protected]
Brian MacDougall SPED [email protected]
Katie MacDougall Chorus [email protected]
Rachel Manley 8th Grade Math/TAG [email protected]
Marc McCann 8th Grade English [email protected]
Patricia McDouall 6th Grade Science
[email protected]
Hannah Nicely 6th Grade History [email protected]
Amy Phillips 8th Grade Science [email protected]
Jen Putney PE [email protected]
Melanie Smith 7th Grade Science [email protected]
Brooke Smoke 7th Grade English [email protected]
Henna St. Clair  6th Grade Science and Math [email protected]
Nicole Strubhar 7th Grade English [email protected]
Caroline Terrell Art [email protected]
Katharine Turner 7th Grade Math [email protected]
Dustin Wade
8th Grade History [email protected]
Steve Williams Band [email protected]